Culturally Relevant Training for the WHOLE Person

“If you don’t look at issues like family, community and spirituality as part of that healing process, then you’re only treating one part of the person.” – Darryl Turpin

HEAT Time is a comprehensive uniquely innovative social justice consulting firm addressing pressing issues that impact our communities. As time ticks away, our institutions confront a myriad of heated problematic concerns.

HEAT Time applies holistic, culturally relevant and responsive, strength-based models that emphasize positive and engaging approaches to healing individuals, families and communities.

HEAT Time’s unique curriculum is at use across the country in states such as: Kentucky, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, and Virginia

The HEAT program has been a success nationwide. It’s well respected amongst our peers and for its reach in communities and success rates. The H.E.A.T. model has been utilized by counselors, therapist, teachers, reentry programs, Probation/Parole officers and case managers.