H.E.A.T. represents a shift in intervention training; speaking to the culture and the person

Why is H.E.A.T. necessary?

Although incarceration rates for Black males appear to be on the decline in recent years as compared to other racial and ethnic groups, they continue to represent approximately 45 percent of state prison inmates convicted of drug offenses, despite the fact that they only comprise about 12 percent of the U.S. population and do not evidence any higher rates of involvement in substance abuse than other racial groups.

Clearly, if the criminal justice system is to maximize their impact on rates of incarceration, they must find a way to engage young, Black males. (Mauer, 2009).

H.E.A.T is closely modeled after Afrocentric interventions that have previously been standardized and published in CSAP, CSAT and other publications (e.g., Burnett, 2008; Goddard, 1993; Philleo et al., 1997).

Meet Our Team

Darryl P. Turpin MPA, CADC is currently a Co-Principal for a social justice firm, Heat Time. He is the principal investigator for clinical research with young black men in the criminal justice system. Formally he was the Coordinator for the City of Louisville, Kentucky, Department of Public Health and Wellness, Men’s Health initiative. His work included oversight of the African American Male Empowerment Network. Additionally, Mr. Turpin serves as Chairperson on the PAL Coalition, a Drug Free Community (DFC) project in Louisville, Kentucky’s 7th Street corridor, focusing on reducing substance abuse among youth. He also serves on the Cultural Proficiency Committee for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). He is the immediate past chair of the Thurgood Marshall Action Coalition (TMAC), addressing inequities in the criminal justice system across the country.

His prior work experience has been as Senior Technical Associate with The MayaTech Corporation located in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was the Branch Manager of Program Development for the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice. He provided oversight to various programs across the state of Kentucky, including the coordination of Prevention Councils, Mentoring Programs, Faith-Based Initiatives and Disproportionate Minority Confinement. Mr. Turpin was also the Director of the Drug Court Programs Office in Louisville, Kentucky where he provided oversight to adult drug courts, reentry and the Second Chance program. He also developed and coordinated the juvenile drug court, family drug court and the Turning it Around Fatherhood Program.

As a Consultant, Mr. Turpin has worked with the Native American Alliance Foundation and provided technical assistance to Tribal Nations across the United States. Mr. Turpin also serves as faculty member for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the National Drug Court Institute, faculty member for the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges, the Kentucky School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, National Black Addictions Institute and the Treating People of Color Conference. He serves as consultant to American University, National Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes (TASC), Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

Mr. Turpin holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical social work as well as a master’s degree in public administration from Kentucky State University. He is also a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC).

Mr. Guy Wheeler is a national/international expert in the area of treatment, consulting, and training with a strong focus on  criminal behavior, substance abuse, mental health, athletes and now entertainers  He has co-authored THREE cultural curriculums (promise practice) called Habilitation Empowerment Accountability Therapy (H.E.A.T) that’s sweeping the country. These manuals for Adults (18-29), Juveniles (12-17) and Black veterans address clinical treatment issues that are culturally   relevant for people of color. These intervention manuals are one of the first of its kind in America.  H.E.A.T has been scienticially tested by Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration (SAMHA) and Bureau Justice Administration (BJA). The HEAT curriculum recently appeared internationally/nationally on the front page of SAMSHA magazine. This is one of the Highest honors in the field of Rehabilitation.

Guy decided that working with athletes/entertainers was also one of his ambitions in Life. In 2018, he consulted with the top Rapper in the world. For the last FOUR years, Guy consulted with the National Basketball Players Association, and worked two years at the NBA rookie Camps. 

Guy has three training videos that are sold around the country. His popular video “Absent Father” was so powerful the White House invited him to dialog and participate in the Fatherhood Initiative Program. He has been featured on national TV, radio, and at major conferences for his work in the field of social work. With the current civil protest, his services are in demand.

When not traveling, Mr. Wheeler presently maintains a clinical treatment firm WITH THE COURTS of Broward County, Florida. This practice provides counseling, training, and prevention courses for participants with misdemeanor charges. His Drug Court experience dates to 1990 at Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) when he initiated the second Drug Court in the country.  Prior to drug court, he directed the first Day Treatment program in Florida for crack cocaine addicts.

Beyond counseling/consulting, he is a business owner, professional speaker, teacher, and minister. Despite constantly speaking and teaching around the country, Guy gets his greatest joy serving. With the WESTSIDE Gazette street servants for the last 5 years, he has gone to the streets talking about the GOOD NEWS(GOSPEL).

Guy is a proud graduate of Barry University School of Social Work. His master level focus of study was Mental Health. He feels that Barry University prepared him for the world, and that academic powerhouse certainly opened the door for him to capture his occupational DREAMS.

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